The Ugliness of Photoshopping 

Generally, I would be singing the praises of a mainstream magazine featuring a black actress, more specifically a brown-skinned actress, on the cover. I’m forever promoting the need for diversity within mainstream diversity. Yet, I was taken aback, when I saw the cover of ADWEEK featuring Kerry Washington. One Facebook poster said it perfectly, Kerry looked like a black Scarlett Johansson.

I was sick to my stomach. I wish more covers would show the true beauty of our stars. I understand Photoshopping, but not when the person no longer looks recognizable. Kerry Washington will always be beautiful because her inner beauty radiates all the way through. I hope one day that this need for Photoshopping will end. It creates an unrealistic perspective of beauty for our children. Let us celebrate our true beauty.
Be sure to read Kerry’s response and disbelief about not recognizing herself on posted Facebook.

2 thoughts on “The Ugliness of Photoshopping 

  1. shesrachael says:

    Saw this earlier and was pretty disheartened. When will mainstream media learn to accept beauty without feeling the need to “perfect” it, especially concerning women of color.

    • herownbeat says:

      I agree. It’s really sad that there even needs to be a “need” for retouching, lightening, enhancing, and whatever else the industry wants to call it.

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