Twitter’s Technical Foul

I’m a little confused by this one. I can’t understand why this image was considered sensitive media on Twitter. Of all the vile amount of crap that is not filtered on Twitter, I had to approve this loving image between parent and child.

Many minorities have started their own media outlets to support their visions, share their views, and portray the positive images that were lacking in mainstream media. For example, I created this blog after prompting from several individuals to provide another outlet for people who shared viewpoints and interests similar to mine. While we have progressed in mainstream media, we know that we still have a long way to go. We had national examples such as #OscarsSoWhite and Melissa Harris-Perry’s departure from MSNBC earlier this year.

Yet, we also know that there are smaller examples that we can see on a daily basis, and we all work together to combat the negative stereotypes. Throughout my timeline, my friends and I share positive images of our communities. Black men with their children. Latinas progressing through corporate America or breaking glass ceilings by founding their own businesses. Native American youth soaring high through their scholastic achievements.

We know about ALL of the positive aspects within our communities, such as the genuine love between mother and child. So I cannot understand why I had to approve this beautiful image that was attached to BonBon Break’s tweet.  The post was not labeled sensitive, the blog was not labeled sensitive, and I’m led to believe that hashtags (#race and #blacklivesmatter) are not labeled sensitive either. Just the image. I cannot understand why. I’m hoping Twitter will respond to my query, but  who knows…Until then, I will just say that Twitter made a technical foul.


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