Lift Off

Education is no equalizer —

Rather, it is the sleep that precedes the American Dream.

So wake up — wake up! Lift your voices

Until you’ve patched every hole in a child’s broken sky.

Wake up every child so they know of their celestial potential.

I’ve been a Black hole in the classroom for far too long;

Absorbing everything, without allowing my light escape.

But those days are done. I belong among the stars.

And so do you. And so do they.

Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness

For generations to come.

No, sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning.

Lift off.

—Donovan Livingston

I had the opportunity to watch Donovan Livingston perform while I was at the 2016 Alumni of Color Conference at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I was amazed by his talent then, but now I’m left almost speechless. There’s not too much that I need to preface this video.  

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