The Miscalculation of the Black Woman

Her Own Beat's Note: I wrote this article the night that Simone Manuel won her Olympic gold medal. I wanted to post this immediately, but I had submitted for publication  so I had to wait. It has been more than two weeks, but I believe that essence of this article still rings true. As a … Continue reading The Miscalculation of the Black Woman

I Am Not My Hair

​​ I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie See, I can kinda recall a lil' ways back Small, tryin' to ball, always been black And my hair, I tried it all I even went flat Had a lumpy curly top and all that crap, now Just tryin' to be appreciated Nappy headed brothers never had … Continue reading I Am Not My Hair

Gabby Douglas Has Only One Job—and It Isn’t to Fix Her Hair to Please You (Repost)

I'm so glad that Demetria Lucas D'Oyley wrote about this. It's ridiculous that in 2016, in the midst of Trump; global warming; social and racial issues here and abroad (including in Rio); and Zika, we are superficially focused on a gold medalist's hair. Get your life!   Source: The Root

“We Must”

we must bring our own light to the darkness. — Charles Bukowski, from “We Must,” Septuagenarian Stew: Stories & Poems. (Black Sparrow Press; Re-issue edition 1990) Source: Charles Bukowski