Our Children Will Be the Change

President Trump, Congress, and the rest of our elected officials, I hope that yesterday’s March for Our Lives was a wake-up call. Your jobs are on the line. Stop catering to PACs, and start listening to your community. Just look at the recent mid-term election in Pennsylvania, where it was an overwhelmingly red state, but a democrat just won. Our children are crying out for change, and you cannot ignore them. Our youngest generations created change during the Civil Rights Movement, the Women’s Rights Movement, and most recently, during President Barack Obama’s election. Our children will always be the change. #WakeUp

Always There Are the Children [1974]

Nikki Giovanni (1943-)

and always there are the children

there will be children in the heat of day

there will be children in the cold of winter

children like a quilted blanket

are welcomed in our old age

children like a block of ice to a desert sheik

are a sign of status in our youth

we feed the children with our culture

that they might understand our travail

we nourish the children on our gods

that they may understand respect

we urge the children on the tracks

that our race will not fall short

but children are not ours

nor we theirs they are future we are past

how do we welcome the future

not with the colonialism of the past

for that is our problem

not with the racism of the past

for that is their problem

not with the fears of our own status

for history is lived not dictated

we welcome the youngof all groups

as our own with the solid nourishment

of food and warmth

we prepare the way with the solid

nourishment of self-actualization

we implore all the youngto prepare for

the young

because always there will be children

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