#BBQBecky. #PermitPatty. #CouponCarl.

And, now, we have #MerchandiseManny. When is it going to end?

It seems like if you are a minority, no I’m going to keep it real, especially if you’re black, you are already criminally wrong. 2018 now seems like 1818, where it was a crime to be born with melanin. Although I may have been quiet on this blog, I have been very outspoken on my Facebook Page.

Now, this is personal, and I am outraged.My friend’s brother-in-law, Anthony O’Neill, was kicked out of a store for #shoppingwhileblack. It’s time to boycott Quest (673 Bridgeway, Sausalito, California)

I’ve spoken about my own #breathingwhileblack incident in Virginia Beach so I understand Anthony O’Neill’s frustration. My words can no way describe what occurred in the video. Please view for yourself and then continue to share. #ShoppingWhileBlack #BreathingWhileBlack #MerchandiseManny

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