Be the Change

I was looking at my Facebook status updates from a year ago, and I felt like I could have written them today—the devastation in Puerto Rico and Trump’s I responsiveness; Colin Kaepernick taking a knee for police brutality and not as an affront to the flag, the military, or veterans; and DHS collecting social media on immigrants. I began to wonder about the status of this country.

It’s like we are at a standstill. We can’t blame it all on Trump or Congress. We, the people, also have to take our share. What are you doing to make a change? Are you listening to understand the other side, or are you shouting with a closed mind before they can finish a sentence.

Did you vote in the primaries? If not, today is National Voter Registration Day. Let your voice be heard. In two elections since 2000, our presidents may have been different if more people voted. You say my voice can’t be heard; look at your state and local elections, which generally have a larger impact on you than the presidential race. So many times they are too close to call during the 11:00 news and even the next day. Register today. Your voice matters. You matter.

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