A Letter to Black Women

Dear Black Women, You are amazing. You are beautiful. Your love and selflessness is like none other. You are strong. You are fierce. You are light.

I Am Not My Hair

​​ I Am Not My Hair by India.Arie See, I can kinda recall a lil' ways back Small, tryin' to ball, always been black And my hair, I tried it all I even went flat Had a lumpy curly top and all that crap, now Just tryin' to be appreciated Nappy headed brothers never had … Continue reading I Am Not My Hair

Gabby Douglas Has Only One Job—and It Isn’t to Fix Her Hair to Please You (Repost)

I'm so glad that Demetria Lucas D'Oyley wrote about this. It's ridiculous that in 2016, in the midst of Trump; global warming; social and racial issues here and abroad (including in Rio); and Zika, we are superficially focused on a gold medalist's hair. Get your life! http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2016/08/gabby-douglas-only-has-1-job-and-it-isnt-to-fix-her-hair-to-please-you/   Source: The Root

Not Everyone’s Cup of Tea

Repost from Phat Girl Fresh: Guess what ladies, the world doesn't end because you have haters and naysayers. You will never be everyone's cup of tea and the truth is, this shouldn't bother you if you aren't offering them a sip! #phatgirlfresh #ijs #curvyconfidence #goldenconfidence #fatgirlsbewinning #phatgirlbouteeque #phatgirlgear


Why are you concerned about Hillary Clinton's clothes? She could be the first female president, and you are more concerned about when she will wear a dress. Sometimes, we are our greatest enemies. Why defend ourselves against conservative misogynists if we are going to continue to make comments like this? If you're not going to … Continue reading Dresses…Really?

The Ugliness of Photoshopping 

Generally, I would be singing the praises of a mainstream magazine featuring a black actress, more specifically a brown-skinned actress, on the cover. I'm forever promoting the need for diversity within mainstream diversity. Yet, I was taken aback, when I saw the cover of ADWEEK featuring Kerry Washington. One Facebook poster said it perfectly, Kerry … Continue reading The Ugliness of Photoshopping