Unequal America

Unequal America

by Aronya Waller

No matter how much we protest, cry, riot, sit, or fight

We seem to be forever mired by this ugly blight

Infected by this dark, dank spirit of hatred and oppression

Wondering if there will ever be freedom in our possession

A country supposedly built on life, justice, and liberty

Yet, we can’t even love, pray, and live in true equality

Rest in peace Nabra Hassanen 

The Massacre In Orlando #PrayForOrlando

I just returned from a long, peaceful weekend to the tragic news of a mass terrorist shooting against the LBGTQ community in Orlando. I am going to keep the majority of my opinions about the Pulse shooting to myself until I learn more. HOWEVER, I will say that God will never tell you to kill someone. Killing in the name of Allah, Jesus, God, Buddah, or Vishnu should not occur. A pastor, priest, monk, or santero should not command you either. Whether or not you agree with a person’s lifestyle or sexual preference, it is not up to you to decide when his or her life should end. You are not God…or whatever you may believe in. Anyone who kills in the name of a religion will not rest in paradise, instead they will burn in hell. May God cover all who were affected. #PrayForOrlando